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I find it kinda odd that the crew just spent a week and a couple days away from the bus and pretty much each other and yet i feel at home again on the bus.  I had an awesome and relaxing week off from tour, mainly because I got to spend a lot of the [...]

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I Love What I Do!

I love being on tour!  Sure I miss my girlfriend,  showers everyday or a nice toilet when I need one, but we get to do some pretty awesome things along the way.  Let me talk you through my last week and a half or so.  It all started back right after we left Salt Lake [...]

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best mustache boulder

on the road again…

Tour can be surprising at times like when I woke up this morning.  I fell asleep next to a friends house and woke up in a walmart parking lot.  You just never know what can happen in the matter of a few hours.  I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of it.  Speaking of thrill the boulder [...]

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Yesterday was our third event at the University of Utah and the level of riding was progressive and inspiring.  For my fourth year at the University of Utah event I’ve seen the RV turn into the bus and competitors turn pro.  I couldn’t ask for anything better than being apart of history.  On another note [...]

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Great Event at the U of U

today was awesome. everyone on the crew is feeling the hurt from a long day of hard work but the feeling of success is well worth it. the riders today were extremely talented and the crowd was hyped on it. this is why we are out here on the road. i cant wait to see [...]

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Lunch in Tucson, Breakfast in Vegas, Dinner in SLC

With a quick waterfall shower to freshen up in Sabino Canyon, it was goodbye to the desert sun and hello to mountainous Salt Lake City. That is, after an early morning in Las Vegas. I wandered the strip with only the truest Las Vagabonds between 2 am. and 6 am. and headed back to the [...]

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WELP, Later Arizona!

I hate to say it but, YEAAAAAAA!  As much as I love summer weather…I would rather save it for the summer!  We made it out of the desert, finally, after two weeks and back into the cold wintery conditions of Utah.  Brrrrrrrrrr, BUT, Ahhhhhhhh!  I can’t say that I didn’t have fun.  Great times in [...]

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On The Road Again

With our first event at ASU under our belts we said our goodbyes and hit the road again. Flagstaff was our first stop of the weekend to hit the mountain and capture some footage of not only boarding, but testing out some sponsor gear. I hiked up the terrain park, gear in hand, ready to [...]

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Knock Knock!

….Who’s there? CRJT?… CRJT who?… Campus Rail Jam Tour Duh, psh, gosh! GNARWAL POW POW!!! After a combined drive time of 48+ hours, two amazing ski days and a few all nighter’s, we finally made it to Tempe AZ and I must say, it literally feels like an amazing summers Oregon day.  Not to cold, [...]

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got to skate a little park with some buddies from portland last night. so much fun! i will def be taking advantage of every chance to skate a park during this trip!

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