There is no such thing as stupid questions, but sometimes we really wonder…The following is a composition of some of the most frequently asked questions. Read on!

What if I don’t go to school?

Not in school? yeah, it doesn’t matter! We still love you! Who knows, this could be your chance to live out all the stereotypical college nonsense that you may have see in movies.

Why don’t you come to the midwest or east coast?

Patience! We want the Tour to head further east just as bad as you do! We are still a small company and do not currently have the resources to trek that far across the nation, however, our plans are to expand eastward in the next year or two. Maybe the question you should be asking yourself is “Why don’t I go out west?”

Why don’t I go out west?

That was supposed to be a rhetorical question.

Why don’t you allow skiers in your competitions?

This is one of those questions we wonder about. We DO allow skiers in all of our events. It is true that skiers are out numbered by snowboarders, so do your part and get out there to represent the two plankers!

Can I come to multiple stops?

YES! Follow us on the road! We can hang out and explore the country together.

When do I need to apply?

YOU NEED TO APPLY ONLINE BEFORE THE EVENT! We have filled EVERY SINGLE EVENT to capacity in the past few years, so those who show-up the day of the event and try to finagle their way in rarely get to ride.

Where can I apply?

Right here on this website. Seriously, RIGHT HERE.

What will help me get approved?

You can start by filling out the form entirely! Don’t leave out important information like your contact info. Besides that, we strongly encourage you to submit a link to a VIDEO of yourself riding. The editing doesn’t need to be Mack Dawg worthy, just show us that you’ve got the skills to ride in the event.

How will I know if my application is approved/denied?

You will receive an email from one of our staff members informing you of our decision. WE NORMALLY EMAIL ACCEPTANCE LETTERS 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT! Remember, we get about 100 applications for every event and can only allow 60 riders, so don’t get down on yourself if you can’t ride. Practice, practice, and have fun!

Why do I have to wear a helmet?

Aside from our genuine concern for your safety, our insurance policy requires it. If you are caught dropping without a helmet you will be escorted out of the riding area and forfit your chances at glory.

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