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Photos: Drew Diehl
Words: Keenan Jones

For the full photo gallery click HERE!

It’s all or nothing. After five months and over 15,000 miles traveled, the crew made it to the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon for the fourth annual Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour Finals. 60 of the top skiers and snowboarders from around the nation found their way to Pioneer Square with hopes of snagging a piece of the $5,000 cash purse, heaps of gear, and bragging rights for a year.

Riders arrived to a clear bluebird day, but to no ones surprise the unpredictable spring weather of Oregon rolled in and rain started falling…hard! For the thousands of people who showed up, the rain didn’t discourage the excitement. Copious amounts of free beverages provided by Vitamin Water and Widmer, and ridiculous riding made even the skeptics stay to enjoy the event. Ponchos were handed out keeping people nice and dry and Team Banzai started spinning to kick thing off.

With familiar faces everywhere in sight, the best male snowboarders of the tour made their way to the top of the setup. Things got interesting fast. No stranger to the Tour, Jordan Morse destroyed the features finding his way to third place. Local favorite, Jordan Welter was awarded second and snagged himself a nice $600. Utah’s own Christian Hobush was awarded the crown and named the 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour’s champion taking home $1,000, First Drop Outerwear, Celsius boots, and a new board provided by Exit Real World.

Nine lady shredders made it to the finals and battled it out for the title. Krysta Pelchar wound up in third place after some fancy footwork on the dfd. In second place, taking home a new pair of Roxy bindings was Janessa Bork. For the win, Erika Vikander destroyed the setup and received a new Roxy snowboard, Celsius boots, $500 in cash and some swag from Betty Rides. Congratulations ladies, you killed it!

The skiers couldn’t get more entertaining. Banger after banger made judging nearly impossible. Pete Arneson made the down flat down look like child’s play landing him in third place. Second place was awarded to Utah’s own Khai Krepela receiving $600 in cash to help get him through the summer in Govy. Young gun Conner Bennett was awarded the 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour crown receiving $1,000 in cash, a pair of Pabst x K2 and some First Drop Outerwear. Congratulations to all skiers, absolutely killed it!

And that’s how to the cookie crumbles. The 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour was a success. Many thanks to Ford, K2, First Drop Outerwear, Roxy and Vitamin Water for making this one heck of a year, along with the riders for coming out and shredding hard. The boys at Galvanic are already planning for next year, so until next time… Stay classy!

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Portland Finals Photo Highlights Thu, 02 Jun 2011 20:16:55 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour snowboard_men_winners

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OSU RECAP Wed, 25 May 2011 21:40:48 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour – OSU RECAP!

Photos: Drew Diehl
Words: Keenan Jones

For the full photo gallery click HERE!

With more than 10,000 miles under the crew’s belt, the boys finally made it back to the birthplace of the Tour, Corvallis, Oregon for the seventh stop of the Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour . The weather forecast predicted seventy degree temps and crisp blue skies, and the crew was more than stoked to hop on their skateboards and spread the word about the 30 tons of snow that were about to be dropped on campus. With summer right around the corner and carloads of shreds migrating to Mt. Hood, OSU made for a nice pit stop for riders to win some cash to help get through the hot summer months in Govy. Over 150 shredders applied making it one tough event to judge.

Not only was 30 tons of snow hauled in, but 42,000+ gallons of water filled two manmade pools for the first ever wakeboard event on OSU turf. As the event neared, with no surprise, the clouds started to roll in. This change of scenery didn’t phase the riders or crowd. Hundreds of students toughed out the weather while standing in line for custom t-shirts at the Ford booth. Worth it!

With one of the loudest crowds the Campus Rail Jam Tour has ever seen, the competition exploded right from the start. This year we saw it all, k-feds, disasters, hippy killers, flips…the list could go on! Regardless, you were either jaw-dropped speechless or screaming your lungs out.

Joey Vandermeer got techy with his hardway 270 onto the down tube as well as some steezy frontside switchups to pretzels. Tanner Boudreau had k-feds on lock throughout the comp and scooped up some First Drop Outerwear. Through all the chaos, Maks Gotham was crowned champion taking home a pair of the coveted Pabst x K2 skis.

1st – Maks Gotham
2nd – Tanner Boudreau
3rd – Joey Vandermeer

The snowboarders had their work cut out for them. Stefan Krumm, Justin Norman and Lou Macias were battling it out all competition. Justin Norman laid down a proper lip slide to bonk on the down tube that landed him in third. Stefan Krumm claimed the second place spot with solid style and techy tricks on all three features. In the end, everyone was blown away by first place finisher Lou Macias’ disaster 3’s off the dfd. Lou spun cab, frontside, backside…Macias was on a mission! Lou walked away with a bunch of new gear including some boots from Celsius.

1st – Lou Macias
2nd – Stefan Krumm
3rd – Justin Norman

The top three lady shreds were some familiar faces, tearing apart the setup with ease. Randa Shahin took the cake for best overall, and went home with all sorts of Roxy gear and an invite to the Portland finals.

1st – Randa Shahin
2nd – Krysta Pelchar
3rd – Sarah Gill

Big thanks to C.ORE Freeride, MUPC and all the help in making this amazing event happen! Next stop…Portland Finals! The top riders from every stop will be making the trek to Portland to battle it out for a $5,000 cash purse and bragging rights till next year!

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OSU Photo Highlights Wed, 25 May 2011 19:46:22 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour osu-event_6

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UNR RECAP Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:20:58 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour – UNR RECAP!

Photos: Drew Diehl
Words: Keenan Jones

For the full photo gallery click HERE!

Reno is no stranger to a good time. The city is literally built around ways for you to go against your better judgement. Whether it’s eating questionable three dollar shellfish or deciding it’s a good idea to “invest” your paycheck into your foolproof method of craps, there’s a good chance you are going to regret it in the morning. Nevertheless, Reno has a lot more to offer than just bright lights and temptation. With the University of Reno situated right beyond the strip, thousands of Sierra-shredding rippers are ready at all times to ride whatever you throw in front of them. Lucky for them, the Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour decided to truck in 25 tons of slush and three rails to help them get their fix.

As the tents went up, motley crews of local shredders began to roll onto the scene. With the scent of the BBQ attracting hungry hotdog-eating co-eds, the crowd assembled, riders geared up, and it was time for blast off.

Reno/Tahoe riders never cease to amaze, casually checking tricks off their seemingly endless list. Flips off the cannon box kept the crowd gasping while the down-flat was pulverized by swivels, presses and spins.

The skiers dropped next and things got real. The two-plankers decided to have a friendly competition to see who could be the first to land a rodeo off the cannon box. Needless to say, people got inverted and the crowd was stoked. Couple all that with Switch-ups on the down flat down blew and the judges had their work cut out for them.

With the jitters out of the way and the cash purse dangled in front of them, finals went off without a hitch. Snowboarder Bryce Salazar stomped all three features for a clean third place finish while Max Fokanaga took home some swag from the sponsors in second. Danny Smith ended up absolutely slaying the setup taking home a wad of cash and some nice new boots from Celsius!

No stranger to the podium, skier Jed Kravitz took home a nice pair of Pabst x K2 skis to solidify his invitation to the Portland Finals. Charlie Ingalls came in a close second followed by Jaime Melton.

Nothing could stop Kristen McCormack as she was the only female skier brave enough to take on the set-up. The lack of competition didn’t phase her, she definitely knows how to ride and scooped up some First Drop Outerwear for making it happen.

The girl snowboarders took a beating trying to take the top spot. Christi Nasser found her way to third followed by Bella Rodriquez in second while the top spot and a new board from Roxy went to none other than Danyale Patterson. You girls killed it!

Big thanks to ASUN, Ford, Roxy, K2 and First Drop for making this annual event so awesome. Next stop, Corvallis, Oregon. Be sure to check out the event video to see the crew getting weird in Reno.

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UNR Photo Highlights Wed, 20 Apr 2011 22:57:49 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour unr-event_43

]]> 0 Home Sweet Home Thu, 07 Apr 2011 21:26:33 +0000 keenan So I realize I am pretty bad at this blogging thing.  Thus being said, I’ll try and write a novel about my experience being on the road while watching Props on Fuel TV cuddled up to Q dog with a nice Grande Starbucks Double Shot (a Tour favorite).

It’s hard to figure out where to start!  Do I talk about the University of Arizona and how awesome it was for Chris and his brother Matt to let us crash at their place or start with the most progressive rail riding skiing the tour has seen at University of Utah?  Do I just scratch a place to start and mumble (apparently I’m good at mumbling) about whatever comes to mind?  Yup, I’m going with the third choice!

My love for events, skiing and yes, even snowboarding (GASP) has grown immensely.    I absolutely love the process of arriving at a school, promoting, meeting with school officials, building the set-up, scheduling snow arrival, making sure its on-time, setting up venders, making sure everything is working properly, snow removal and tear down.  I can tell you there is nothing more rewarding than knowing an event went off!

I’ve met old hippies who love to shred and see young kids dreams slowly become a reality.  I’ve seen the future Shaun Whites and clones upon clones of Tom Wallisch.

I’ve been able to ride 10+ different resorts this year.  I’ve skied in California (4), Arizona (2), Colorado (1), Montana (1), Utah (2) and of course Oregon (HOOD).

Tour is everything it seems to be.  It’s ridiculously awesome! The bond you make with the crew unimaginable.  You cannot live with 7 other guys and not know everything there is to know about them!  Their personality, traits, habit’s, sleeping noises (snoring), eating noises, laugh, driving habit’s, list can go on and on…

I’ve seen parts of the western United States that I would otherwise never see in my life!  Burn Oregon is a place where you should not go… Ever… Sorry Burns!  But, I’m stoked we stopped there for a night!  Reno is Reno, Heavenly Resort had the most beautiful backdrop I’ve ever seen!  It’s stunning!  Thanks Casey!  Logan UT I realized doesn’t know much about the brewing industry.

The Bus caught fire but Bill was able to fix it.  I drove 9+ hours by myself but thanks to NOS, 2 Monsters, and about 5 Redbull shots I was wired!

It really is bittersweet coming home.  I’m stoked to see my family, friends and girlfriend but I’m going to miss the craziness of Tour.  Luckily we have Corvallis and Portland Finals!  I know I missed a lot of things in this post but I promise I’ll be more conscious and make more as the weeks come and go!


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HOME SWEET BUS Fri, 25 Mar 2011 06:08:10 +0000 Drew I find it kinda odd that the crew just spent a week and a couple days away from the bus and pretty much each other and yet i feel at home again on the bus.  I had an awesome and relaxing week off from tour, mainly because I got to spend a lot of the time with my girlfriend.  I was about to get work done with speedy internet, went a Girl Talk show on St. Patrick’s day and spent a long weekend in Black Butte.  I had a great bed the entire time and was about to sleep as long as I wanted without the snores, hacks and movement of dudes, feet away from me!  Yet after all this relaxing I am more than happy to be back on the road!  I guess I just love traveling and being around such an entertaining group of guys.  Even if there is only one “real” tour stop, we still have three events to put on.

I really miss the road and consider myself lucky to be in the position I am in because I know I still have friends back east (Pennsylvania) that have still never been west of Ohio!  I guess what i am trying to say is if have the opportunity to be packed into a tight space with eight smelly guys…TAKE IT!  No, but really get out and travel there is a butt load of stuff to see in the country and with recent events in Japan, God bless and help them, you never know when something terrible might happen and one the natural or unnatural  pieces of history with be gone forever.

Gonzaga tomorrow then some snowboarding, Reno for a week and then of the Utah for the third time in three months for me!  Catch ya on the flip side!

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CU RECAP Thu, 24 Mar 2011 00:04:23 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour – CU BOULDER RECAP!

Photos by: Drew Diehl
Words by: Garrett Bright

For the full photo gallery click HERE!

If there’s one thing you need to know about Boulder, it’s that the locals absolutely rip. CU sometimes catches a bad rep for the herds of trustafrians, excessive dupstep, and overabundance of “medicine dispenseries” scattered about town, but if you look past all the smoke and wompwomp, Boulder is still a legit shred destination.

With Salt Lake City in the rear view, the Galvanic Design boys rolled into town with high expectations for the fifth stop of the 2011 Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour . After sifting through over 170 applications, it was clear that the riding was going to be heavy. As the crew promoted around town they were constantly bombarded by hopeful riders doing their best to schmooze their way into the comp. The Boulder shreds are hungry!

The first heat opened up with bangers right off the bat. No need for warm-up runs in Boulder. These kids are born with skis and boards strapped to their feet in these parts. As waves of riders threw down, it was apparent if you didn’t bring you’re A-game you were going to be left in the dust. Backside, frontside, switch, flips…you name it…it was thrown. Nate Codero, Ethan Anderson and Ben Girardi were a few of the snowboarders setting the standards of steeziness in the first heat.

With bass thumping and the crowd screaming, the second heat took off with an explosion of skiers. If you were a judge, we feel sorry for you. It was one jaw-dropping trick after another for a straight 40 mins. Cam Boll, Will Berman, Clayton Villa and Sean Jordan were amongst the many skiers tearing the setup apart. Stomping tricks can be exhausting, thankfully Neuro was there making sure everyone was fully hydrated as well as full mind stimulation.

In-between heats the crowd got their greedy little hands on toss-outs from Siege Audio, Candy Grind and First Drop Outerwear. There was even a dup-step dance off to make the crowd work for their free schwag.

As heat three kicked-off, the ladies proved they were nothing to mess with. Courtney Cox laid down a proper frontside 180 on to 180 out, setting the course for the heat. Cody Boan was one of the few dudes mixed in with the ladies, but he made his presence known and earned a spot in the finals. Before the finals took place, there was a lone soul sitting atop the setup. Holding nothing but a sled and a helmet, this dark knight pointed towards the cannon box and launched off his knees into air. Didn’t seem like the ideal situation for knees, but the crowd went crazy. Props to you sir!

With so many bangers being thrown down during qualifiers, everyone was hyped for the finals. Right out of the gate riders dropped disaster transfers from the cannon box to the down tube, 610’s off the cannon box, and enough switch-ups to make it hard to tell what was regular and what was switch. The Boulder stop was hands-down one of the hardest competitions to judge. But in the end, overall impression is what matters and the best took home the paper as well as amazing product from Celsius, K2 skis, First Drop Outerwear, Siege Audio, and Roxy! Big ups to Boulder Freeride for all their help as well as Illegal Petes and Cheba Hut for hooking up the food! Next stop….Reno!

Womens Ski – Alexis Keeney stomped tricks all over the setup and took 1st while Kate Payne took 2nd and Alicia Domsky took 3rd

Womens Snowboarding – Courtney Cox earned 1st place, 2nd place went to Emily Blewitt and 3rd place Christy Prior

Mens Ski – Cam Boll blew away the judges and the crowd and took 1st place, Adrian Pougiales took 2nd and Will Berman took 3rd.

Mens Snowboarding – Cody Boan took 1st, Nate Cordero in 2nd and Sam King took 3rd.

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Boulder Photo Highlights Fri, 18 Mar 2011 16:31:10 +0000 Campus Rail Jam Tour cu-event_9

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